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The Quicker, Easier and Cheaper way to Sell Online

Finally... a way for people like you and me - who love results, not the tech!

The Quicker, Easier and Cheaper way to Sell Online

Finally... a way for people like you and me - who love results, not the tech!

Join for free - membership for life!

Website or online course, sales funnel or membership area - you're covered!

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You've got a killer idea, but now what?

  • You want to sell online? So you need hosting...
  • You want to launch a course or membership area? You need member management things...
  • You've got to learn how to code and design...
  • You need to setup secure payments, email opt-in forms...
  • You need a website (only to find out how time consuming it is)...
  • Techies, designers, marketeers, all giving you "advice"...

The list is endless, will take you weeks (if ever!) and cost you hundreds, or more, $$$ every month.

Why does it have to take weeks - if not months - and cost a fortune,
to turn your idea into reality?

I've got good news for you!

Your dream, your vision, can become a reality in minutes!

Selling should be fun! Remember that?

Just pick a template from the massive gallery that is growing daily, tweak the text and images (easily!) and BOOM!

In minutes your online sales page is live, taking payments, email list opt-ins, whatever you want! Want a countdown timer? Two clicks and you have one!

Isn't that better?

T4S (Traffic for Sales) is for people like you...

Who don't want to maintain a website, with plugins, hosting...

Who don't want to code, design and maintain software...

Who want to QUICKLY create pages that SELL
or launch an online course or membership area EASILY

Andrew Ramsey - Phones LTD

I'd like to thank Simon Goodchild for not only creating a fantastic platform for easily and cheaply launching mini-sites, landing pages, funnels and online courses but also for his dedicated personal support he offers to all of his clients of his T4S service.

He's always listening and then posting video tutorials, answering every question and genuinely helping people achieve their desired outcomes. Thank you Simon, I'm busy recording my course and look forward to creating and launching on T4S!

Andrew Ramsey - Phones LTD

Vivienne Joy - She-Enjoys

How often do you get to have an hour on zoom with the programme creator to give him your wish list, get the answers to frustrations and come away feeling like a very valuable client.

Tonight was a first for me. Thank you Simon Goodchild you are a gentleman offering not only great value, but the highest level of customer satisfaction. I'm so glad I switched from Clickfunnels, I will be spreading the word!

Vivienne Joy - She-Enjoys

But can YOU benefit from a funnel?

The short answer is yes, everybody can benefit from a funnel!

Whatever business you are in, a funnel will BOOST your sales. Others are doing it right now. I can prove it!

"But I don't have any money to start!"

You don't need a cent, penny or peanut to start RIGHT NOW!

You can join for free today, with access to all the existing templates, and immediately start building your funnels. The money you make? All yours!

You don't even need your credit card.

But can I trust YOU with my funnels?

I am Simon Goodchild, the founder of T4S Traffic for Sales. I have a proven track record of launching services that stay. WP Symposium Pro, for example, was launched over 10 years ago and still going strong.

I also created and launched which is getting around 30 million visitors a month. I am transparent with the company that runs T4S (details below).

After creating NHS Online, I took a company in London to public floatation on the stock market as IT Director. And since then, I've been working with businesses and individuals from the UK, Europe and around the world - to grow their successful online sales process.

In short, yes, you can trust me.

I understand you want to be sure, that's why I want you to try for free.

If you want to grab a quick free session online, I'd be happy to discuss your requirements in person. To set up our session do two things:

  1. Create a Free Trial Account
  2. Ask me on our (free) Facebook Group

That's it - let's do this!
Simon Goodchild

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