3 Ways To Support You...

3 Prices. Free, $97 and $497.

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Option 1. VIP Support

Because you want to focus on growing your business. So let us do the hard work for you.

Let us create your funnels for you, or with you. Expert support on hand as part of your team.

And it costs less every month than hiring your own staff. No tie-in, cancel any time.

Includes building your funnels (for you or with you), and advice on higher conversions.

There is limited availability for this, so we can dedicate time to you.

Currently only 3 spaces available. Just $497 a month.

Option 2. Priority Support

Do you want to put yourself at the start of the queue for all your support enquiries? And get a private video conference call to answer your questions and take you through everything in a private tutorial? Then this is for you. Only $97/month. You also get direct access to me, the founder of T4S. Cancel any time.

If you only want one session, one-on-one, click here to arrange (£97 GBP, not $97 USD).

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Option 3. Free Support

Have you checked out the tutorial videos? "The page editor" covers all the various page elements. Click here to see them...

What about the free T4S Basics Course, to get you going fast!

For a quicker answer to your support request, please include as much information as possible, such as:

  • You can make free video recordings with Loom - these are really useful! - include the Loom link when asking for help.
  • If about a particular funnel, include your funnel name and it's unique ID (click on Edit Funnel to see it in the title of the popup).
  • If about a particular page, any URLs (web addresses) and names of particular pages.
  • Attach images where you can and appropriate.

Send your request via https://t4s.site/help (you have to register the first time only).

For a more social Q&A, or if your question could help others, use the Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/funnelhackerspro.