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Find out what actually makes a complete sales funnel

A sales funnel is just more than a set of web pages. In fact your web pages are just one piece of your sales funnel.

Sorry to be blunt. You don’t just create a set of web pages and call it a day, thinking job done.

Your entire sales funnel is a series of steps, using your web pages (your online sales funnel if you like) as the foundation.

What you will need are call-to-actions or CTAs. These will probably be buttons or opt-in forms.

These are for a specific purpose. That is to take visitors from one step to the next in your funnel.

Seamlessly your web page visitor become a prospect, to a subscriber on your email list.

But you don’t stop there, no no.

You move these people to qualified leads, or sales, depending on your type of business.

Having converted them, you now nurture them. Follow up with them after they’ve subscribed.

And you need to feed your funnel with traffic.

This traffic will come from Facebook Ads, Facebook groups, shared posts, YouTube, Google Adwords, flyers (in real life, gosh!) and so on.

And what about email followup, is that part of your sales funnel?


You will send them an initial welcome email, and then a sequence of emails to follow up.

These are handled by your email automation provide, often called autoresponders.

Common autoresponders are MailChimp and Active Campaign.

Your web page opt-in form needs to automatically add that new subscriber to an email list on your email automation provider… which will automatically kick in the sequence of emails they will receive.

So you’ve got traffic coming to your web page (or landing page).

And you’ve got your online sales funnel, built with Plus your email automation.

That’s three out of four.

The last is following up.

Anyone that bites, or expresses an interest, gets personal attention. You contact them, and work your charm! Leading to a sale.

They are the 4 components of your sales funnel: Traffic. Conversion. Engagement. Sales.

(Or, to coin a phrase, “Traffic for Sales”).

But the beauty of online sales funnels is that you can fast-track the process, offering to sell to the visitor right there on the web page!

Supercharged online sales funnels

Your web pages can offer small purchases. Not enough to scare people away, but enough to get a sale in return for something of tremendous value to them.

And when they are in the mood to buy from you, you offer something else (stats back up that people are more likely to buy from you, having just spent with you).

So you make a small sale, and after the sale, offer something of even more incredible value, again at a price that seems like it must be taken.

You make it only available there (a “one time offer”), perhaps with a deadline counter. Both available on¬†as it happens.

And, to quote my mentor, “if they are still buying, keep selling”.

Offer a cross sell, of if the decline, a down-sell.

To finish the quote, “and if they are still clicking, give them something to click”.

However you approach it, research undertaken by companies like PredictiveIntent, VB Insight, Circle Research and consistently show that online sales funnels are critical to growing sales.

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