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Get "Sales Funnel Secrets" for free (plus bonus consultancy)


“Sales Funnel Secrets”

This is my new book. I’m writing it right now. Based on everything I have learned first hand and been taught by my mentors.

I want to teach it to you for free. You get every page as it’s written, a video covering the topic and the chance to discuss what you have learned and what’s missing. That’s the trade. You get it all for free in return for your input.

A couple of years ago, my life changed. Because I started selling something different online – myself! And boy, did I have a lot to learn. Who to learn from, where to go? Who to trust?

  • I had to learn how to find customers
  • I had to learn how to sell them
  • I had to find mentors and take everything they could tell me
  • I had to make mistakes and learn from them

I’ve been a “techie” for 25+ years, sold software online for 10+ years. But now, two years later, I’m 100% focussed on making it happen for others. I love digital marketing! In particular, I’m getting rid of the “tech” to make it happen. And absolutely love working with others. Sharing what I have learned.

And so, I’m putting all that into a book which I want you to have before it’s launched. I want to give you all that knowledge I’ve absorbed, for free, in return for your feedback on the book as it’s created!

Everything you discover will make a difference

So the trade is simple. I will show you, teach you and share with you how to successfully build an online empire.

  • You get the know-how, the secrets, the strategies
  • Everything is something you can use immediately
  • And in return you tell me what’s good, what’s missing

Contents so far, and getting close to not changing (more may be added)

~~~ Chapter One ~~~

Selling Successfully Online

The 10 Secrets For Success
Three Ways To Sell More Often
The Sales Value Ladder
Turning Your Ladder To A Funnel
Four Types Of Customers
5 Stages Of Awareness
Three Types of Traffic
Building Your Brand
Before the Sale, After the Sale
Top 10 Conversion Secrets

~~~ Chapter Two ~~~

Finding, Getting and Keeping Customers

Hunting Customers

Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Growing a Facebook Group
Going Viral
Growth Hacking

~~~ Chapter Three ~~~

Facts Tell – Stories Sell

Copywriting to Convert
Headlines – the killer component
Ramping Up and Closing the Sale
Presentations (slides, online and real life)
Email marketing and the sequences

Chat bots

~~~ Chapter Four ~~~

Creating Successful Funnels

Funnel Hacking a Successful Funnel

Lead Magnets
Types of Funnel Pages
Sales Funnels
Optin Funnels
Webinar Funnels
Course and Membership Funnels
Launch Funnels

~~~ Chapter Five ~~~

Making it Happen!!

Public speaking (online and real life)
Podcasts and getting guest podcast spots
Webinars and Webinar launches
Blogs – worth it or not?
Launching your product the right way
Killing with kindness
Coping with your success – how to scale up

If that sounds like a fair trade, pop your email below. You’ll get an “are you sure?” email, say yes, and I’ll send you access to a private online area where you can get the download of the book as it progresses (and progresses quickly!) – PLUS an exclusive video discussing the topic. Any questions? We’ll discuss them and both benefit. A rare thing these days!

To join in go to

(Please do so quickly as I am going to keep this a small group.)

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Get "Sales Funnel Secrets" for free (plus bonus consultancy)

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