Marketplace Sellers

Selling your funnel (or offering your funnel for free) to others, is a simple process as follows:

  • Create your funnel with the guidelines below
  • Submit your funnel for approval (which you will get if you follow the guidelines)
  • If there is a problem, you will receive guidance and support to sort anything out
  • If approved, your funnel is available to others to purchase (or get for free)

The key goal, and general rule for approval, for T4S Marketplace funnels is quality. We want to keep the marketplace a resource for high quality funnels.

How you get paid

You receive 70% of the payment made for your funnel. You are paid via PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account. If you are receiving affiliate payments from T4S, it is the same PayPal email address. Enter it here.

The 10-point Checklist for Funnels

Follow these straightforward rules and your funnel will be acceptable for the marketplace:

  1. Your funnel must be complete, including all necessary pages to make up the funnel (depending on the type of funnel). If you make any changes after approval, your funnel will be removed from the marketplace automatically and you will need to re-submit it for approval.
  2. The first page (at the top) of your funnel should explain your funnel, including screenshots of each page (only the initial visible part is okay). Be sure to include all the benefits and features - this your selling page! Also any offer of support, and any terms and conditions.
  3. The description of your first page is used on the marketplace to describe your funnel. Make it good, informative and what your funnel provides.
  4. Do not include self-promotional headlines, etc, on your funnel pages. Your funnel is not an advertisement!
  5. All elements, especially headlines, text elements and so on, should explain to the purchaser what to do. For example, a headline of "Buy my awesome 10 week course on Facebook Ads" is not right. Instead put something like "This is your headline, clearly stating the offer".
  6. Do not include any Stripe API Keys, or any 3rd party services (chat bots, etc).
  7. Do not include any commercial or licensed images (etc), only include content that you are allowed to use. You are liable if any law or licence is broken.
  8. Upload an image for your placeholder in the marketplace (upload to any page in your funnel, you don't have to use it on the page so long as it is uploaded). It should be JPG format, and called "marketplace.jpg". The dimensions must be 1024x768, and optimised to keep file size small.
  9. If you sell your funnel via the T4S marketplace, you cannot offer it for sale any other way. If you do, your account will be removed (sorry). You can, of course, promote your funnel on the marketplace as much as you want (in fact you are encouraged to do so!).
  10. Number 10 is irrelevant - I'm just checking that you're reading this far! 😉

Submitting your funnel for approval

When you are ready, and have reviewed the guidelines above, select your funnel from the drop-down list below.

Also, make sure your PayPal email address is correct (as this is how you are paid when someone buys).

The review process normally takes up to 48 hours.

Your PayPal email address
Select your funnel to submit for approval
How much will you charge (in US Dollars)?

Current Funnel Marketplace status

Return to this page any time to review the current status of your submissions.

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