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T4S.Site - getting started right from your first login

You’ve signed up – now what?

First – congratulations.

Secondly – thank you. is different to every other funnel or course creator because it’s as much yours as mine.

My goal is not to have millions of users. Because that makes the service generic. Instead, my goal is to have a core set of users who I know personally, and can work with on their funnels. If you have an idea to improve the service, then let’s talk. If you want help, let’s talk. Unlike larger services that are not flexible, you will get personal attention!

And thirdly…. don’t forget the video tutorials at

So, you’ve signed up. Let’s fast track you to creating your first funnel! We’ll cover everything else in more detail in future articles. But you want results, quickly, right?

Your first time logging in

Okay – you’ve logged in.

Whenever you log in, you are shown your dashboard.

Your dashboard lists your funnels (once you start creating them), along with some handly links. If you have no funnels, you get to see a video and see a nice form ready to create your first funnel.

Apologies for my ugly mug in the video – you’ll have to put up with that! But I encourage you, in fact urge you, to watch it at least once. It will give you an introduction to how to get started using T4S, in particular the funnel manager screen.

If you’re a reader, rather than a watcher, then this article (and more future articles) will also cover everything.

You also get to see latest blog articles. These are worth reading as they will cover how to increase your traffic, and your conversions – as well as other digital marketing tips and tricks.

If you want to go deeper into digital marketing, don’t forget to download your free copy of my other book “Sales Funnel Secrets” at

So, once you’ve watched the video (it’s not too long), you will want to create your first funnel.

That form, to the left of the video, is where you start.

First, you want to give your funnel a name. Make it meaningful, so instead of “My first funnel”, call it “Sales funnel for skiing book” – anything that you will then recognise.

It will make your life easier once you have more than one funnel, easier to recognise.

Then you want to enter a path for your funnel.

What this is, is the URL (or web address) that will appear in the visitor’s browser and must be unique on

So if you entered “skiing-book”, the first page of your funnel will be available at

Note, no spaces. Any spaces you enter are turned into hyphens. So “skiing book” would become “skiing-book”.

All your funnel pages (which also have a path) can then be referenced with, and so on – where page2, and page3, are yours to define.

With you can use your own custom domain names. So you could use and get it to point to your funnels first (and subsequent) pages. But more on that later.

Having entered your name and path, for your funnel, you will end up with something like this:

Go ahead and click on Create. You will be taken to the “funnel manager” screen – where you see your funnel and all it’s pages.

You don’t have any pages in your funnel. And as such, you are given a number of options.

From here you can import complete funnel templates, individual page templates or start with a blank page.

We’ll start with a blank page, so click on the “Create a blank page in your funnel” link.

After clicking on that link, a blank page will be added to your funnel, and your funnel manager screen will look like it generally does. As you add more pages, they appear underneath the one that is currently there.

Any special offers are shown, which you can remove by clicking on the “x” in a circle, top-right of the offer.

Whether you’ve hidden the promotional offer or not, your pages are then shown in the order they are in your funnel – starting with just one, your first page.

You can actually link pages in any order, but it helps to visualise your funnel if the pages are in the correct order.

So we can try some things out, add a second page by clicking on “Add a blank page” which is shown underneath your first page.

Your funnel manager will now display your two pages.

To change the order of your pages, you just click (and whilst holding your mouse button) drag a page up and down – and then release your mouse button.

Go ahead and try moving the second page about the first. And then move it back down again.

When you create online courses, the order of the course pages in the course menu is based on this screen and so is more vital to consider in that scenario. You want your course pages to be in order! We’ll cover courses in a separate article.

Okay, let’s change the page settings. Right now, your first page is available at – remember the first page, or top page, is also available at

The second page is available at

Neither represent what we want. So we edit the page details by hovering over the page and clicking on the “Page details/Social/SEO” link.

The popup shown allows you to enter a page title. This is important as it is what is used by search engines and social media platforms like Facebook when your page is displayed or found.

So make it a good title! “Welcome page” is not good – describe what people will see if they visit.

The page path is entered in the second box. At the moment it’s available at – not good! Whatever you enter into the second box will replace “blank”.

It needs to be unique within this funnel.

Leave everything else for now, we’ll deal with the other bits and pieces later. For now we want to get going with our funnel.

You want to edit the page details for both your pages.

I’m setting my first page as “Get my free guide on buying your first set of ski boots”, and the second page as “Thank you”.

The path for each is set as “free-ski-boots-guide” and “thank-you”.

The first page is the important one, as that’s the one I’ll be sharing and want found via search engines.

Having entered details for both pages, on my funnel manager screen I know see the following:

You are now ready to start editing your pages – wahoo! So hover over the first page and click on Edit.

This will open up the page editor – a quick and fun way to create incredible pages.

What the next section will do is take you through the fundamentals of the editor, which to be honest, is really quick and easy to master.

Other articles will look at everything you can do in more detail. But for now, let’s crack on!

Using the page editor for the first time

When you first edit a blank page, don’t be put off. Very quickly you will start creating incredible looking pages.

If you chose a page template, it might already look great and just need tweaking.

But for now, I’m going to assume you’re reading through this article, and have arrived here from the previous section – and therefore have a blank page.

The great thing about the page editor is that whatever it looks like in the editor, it will look the same for real. No guessing involved!

It’s also really easy. No complicated settings. Every can be adjusted with your mouse. Of course, should you want to fine-tune things then you can. But most of the time you will be changing this with a point and click of your mouse. Other than typing words – that you will have to do on your keyboard!

So, first thing you see is a blank page with an “in your face” instruction to add a container.

If this is the first time you used the editor (first time ever!) then you will be offered a video to watch. It’s a good idea to do so. It’s not very long and will cover many of the things you are reading here.

Assuming you’ve watched it (or just closed the popup without watching it), you need to do what’s being asked of you and add a container.

This is about the most complicated part of using the – and the good news, it’s not actually complicated at all.

Everything on a page, whether it’s a headline, and image or a countdown timer, is called a page element, or just an element. You pop these elements into containers. So, the question is, why do you need containers?
Well there are actually a few reasons, which will be covered in more detail in a future article.

But for now, consider containers as an area of your page into which you put your page elements.

The simplest is a one column container, which is basically a box that goes right across the screen, and in to which you can add your page elements.

So go ahead, and click “One Column” in the drop down menu:

After choosing it, the following gets added to your page.

1. A full width container. In which is…
2. A paragraph of text. This is a page element.

Bear with me for a moment and do the following. Hover over the test that’s showing (“Click to edit me. Drag me up and down.”) and a big blue circle with a white “+” will show. Click on that to add another element to the page.
The following popup will appear that shows you everything that can be added to your page. Whatever you choose will be added where you clicked on the big blue circle with the white “+”.

Go ahead and click on “Heading” to add a page heading element to your page.

A new heading element has been added to your page, below that sentence (or paragraph) that was added when you selected a full width one column container.

A heading is more than just a paragraph with a bigger font. It tells search engines that it is a heading. If you’re into the techie stuff, it’s an “h1” heading. If that means nothing to you, forget I ever mentioned it! But it’s good to know that search engines like Google are keeping an eye out for headings and subheadings. It’s how it knows if something is, well, erm, a heading or subheading – and therefore more important.

Your page should now look like this:

Before we start changing anything, let’s put the headline above the sentence (the paragraph).

Move your mouse over your heading until you see the following appear to the top right of what will be a blue box.

Click on the 4-way arrow and hold you mouse button down.

Now, while keeping your mouse buttons pressed, you can drag your headline around.

You want to move it (drag it) so it’s above the sentence above it. If you look carefully, you can see a blue shadow where it will be “dropped” when you let go of your mouse button.

The easiest way is to remember if you are pointing at the “top half” of something else, what you are moving will be dropped above it.

If you are pointing at the “bottom half” of something, what you are moving will be dropped below it.

Until you release your mouse button, what you are moving turns into a black and white striped version of itself.

You can also try moving the sentence (or, to be precise, the paragraph element) below the headline instead. Practice moving both above and below the other.

Either way, once your headline is above the sentence of text (or again, to be more accurate, the paragraph element), lets move the headline down the screen a bit.

We’re going to add some space above the headline.

This is so easy. Click the headline – anywhere in the middle of the blue box that appears – and keep your mouse held down. Then drag it down the screen. And let go.

If you dragged it down too far, do the same and drag it up the screen. Easy peasy!
It’s about time we change the words in the headline.

Again easy – just click on it, and edit the text that’s there. Go ahead and change your heading. You can also centre align the text with the little icons that appear at the top of the screen.

I’ve changed mine to the following:

You probably saw the config bar appear at the side of the screen. If you didn’t, try clicking on the headline again. It appears at the side of the screen.

Everything happens in the config bar! It’s where you change “stuff”.

I’m not going to go through everything – the best way is to play.

But for starters, try moving the “Font size” slider left and right with your mouse.

This changes the font size of the headline. You can, if you want, type in a value in the box to the right, just above the slider you’re changing.

If you’re feeling adventurous, change the font. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous click on “Manage Google Fonts” from the drop down list and use any Google font you like!

Changing the color of the text is easy too.

You can set the color of the text as a whole. And you can also set a different color for any bold text (any bold letters and words). To choose a color, lick on the box below “Text color” and as you move your mouse around the color grid you can see your headline change.

To pick a color, just click on it.

Advanced tip: If you know the “hex” code for a color you want to use, edit the value in the box below “Text color” and hit return.

It will then appear as a custom color in the color grid.

Okay…. you have enough to be playing with for now.

Add a subheading below your heading. Change the paragraph element that’s there and maybe add some more.

Try adding a “Two Column” container – which will give you two columns into which you can put elements.

Seriously, the best thing you can do now is play.

You can’t break anything, and when you’re ready use the other articles to see how easy it is to start selling, getting email opt-ins, set up an online course…… whatever you want!

What next?

Take a look at the T4S Course.

And don’t forget the video tutorials at

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Find out what actually makes a complete sales funnel

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You don't just create a set of web pages and call it a day, thinking job done. Your entire sales funnel is a series of steps, using your web pages (your online sales funnel if you like) as the foundation. And this is why.

Posted May 9, 2018

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