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The Power Of Your Sales Value Ladder

Heads up! This is probably the foundation of your business – and I’m not exaggerating.

You may offer several services or products, and you will therefore have multiple sales value ladders. That’s cool!

If product based, the products will get more expensive, if a service, likewise.

When selling, you will convert less if you go straight for your core offer. This is the biggest mistake you can make.

If I offered you access to my monthly consultancy group, where we look to grow your business, at a high price… you would quite rightly need convincing. If you considered it at all.

So instead I offer you something low priced, even at no cost. Perhaps a taster. Something that you will get tremendous value from, for little or no cost.

Your journey is to get from A to Z, where Z is your ultimate point of success.

My first offering will quickly get you from A to C, you will be grateful, impressed, and willing to consider what’s next.

So I offer to get you from C to G. This time for a low price (or slightly more if the first wasn’t free). You are already impressed, I am gaining your trust, and so you take the offer.

Again, you are impressed. You’ve got from A to G so quickly! And amazed at how easy and low cost it was.

So I offer to get you from G to M, again slightly higher prices, and again offering you amazing value.

This is not a trick. I have got you from A to M, with amazing service (or a product), at a cost you love, and you are now trusting that I can deliver.

Now I make my core offer.

I will get you to Z. Depending on what type of customer you are (remember, I don’t want to de-value the service if you are a tycoon), I may make it exclusive, or time limited, or discounted as a one time offer.

We will cover one time offers as we move to building funnels (see

But the key is that I have always delivered value, more than you expected, for a price that you love, making progress.

I have earned your trust. I am not out to trick you. But by making it a steady progression in terms of results and cost, you have been able to try me out.

And in return, I have had to opportunity to impress you, over deliver, and grow you as a customer.

This is the key – we both benefit, and we are both happy.

Creating your sales value ladder

So now you must consider your own business and offerings.

How can you create an ever increasing series of offers, at a price that rises (probably exponentially)?

You must always deliver – in fact, over deliver. Give surprise bonuses. Make the customer want more, and be glad they took it.

The first offer may be a free consultation. Or a PDF download of something that solves an immediate problem (get them from A to B immediately at no cost).

And then – critically in terms of funnels – immediately offer to get them over their next hurdle.

One hurdle at a time.

All the way to the top of your sales value ladder. Because if you give your customer more than they expected, at a price they appreciate value from, they will continue to buy from you, up your sales value ladder.

If you are offering a course, give a free taster, followed by a section of the course, followed by the full course.

If you want people to join an email list, do not, under any circumstances ask them to “join my mailing list to get my newsletter”. Why would they? Instead, offer them something in return for joining your mailing list.

They will be glad they did! Remember, it’s about making your customer FEEL good, and FEEL glad to be on your list.

Send them what you offered in return for signing up, and then send them a surprise bonus. They will then look out for your next email, rather than groan as another spam email hits their inbox.

Once they’ve been on your list (and glad they are), you can drop in to your email sequence how you can HELP them with their next problem – and they will want to know more.

Because you have earned their trust.

You get them to the next step in your sales value ladder, move them from the first email list to your “next level” email list. You over deliver, and at the right time, offer the next level.

This is how you can use a sales value ladder to nurture your prospects and customers and grow them like never before.

No longer are they “customers or not”, but they are in a position where you have a plan to grow them, take more payments from them, and… they will feel happy about it!

Connecting your sales ladder

You can probably appreciate by now that your sales value ladder is your funnel. You drive traffic in the first instance via email, social media, advertising, content marketing, and so on, to your landing page.

The first point of contact is your promise. “Click here” and I promise you this. In your advert, your email – however you do it. If you’re using an email sequence, if may not be your first, but you’re warming things up.

Your landing page is the offer of the first step in your ladder. Your online funnel will mirror and support your sales value ladder, maximising conversions.

This, in a nutshell, is how people can (and do!) turn an idea into reality, and rather than kill off customers, convert them initially and grow them. As customers that are grateful and, but the end of your funnel, loyal advocates.

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