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This is why countdown timers improve conversion rates

So imagine this. Someone lands on your page, and likes what they see. But they’ll “think about it”. What if they have a personal deadline to act? It’s proven that conversions are boosted by simply added a deadline.

Doubly so if you craft your message around that deadline.

Urgency is a core principle marketeers use to make more sales. In addition to scarcity, the fear of missing out.

Scarcity is around having a limited number of “things” for sale. Urgency is time based.

Countdown timers create that urgency. You can have a fixed deadline (end of the month for example), or a personal deadline that starts on the first visit to your page. It adds drama.

But why does this work?

Human nature means that visitor will like what they read, and then think about it. Perhaps too busy, or no sense of urgency to act. They’ll come back later.

With a countdown time, you are removing the option of coming back later.

Just adding a deadline will help to increase conversion rates. Putting it right in their face (either in the page, or even better, always sitting at the bottom of the page) steps it up a notch even further.

Whilst perhaps a little long in terms of a deadline, you can see an example ticking away on On a landing page, you would set it to start on for each new visitor. And no, they can’t refresh the page and start again, or come back tomorrow. It’s persistent for them.

Here’s a good example used by Lynda online courses.

Lynda deadline counter example

The offer of a 30% saving is good.

But then you add the urgency that it will only be around for a few morehours, and the chances that visitors will act is increased.

Does it work? You bet! They got a 33% increase in click-through rate and a 10% increase in conversion rate by just adding this countdown clock to their campaign.

Another example from Wishpond shows their results of an A/B split test. Those results showed a 300% increase in conversion rates. Just by adding urgency.

Countdown A/B split test

Sounds too good to be true?

One more example from Windstream. They got an increase in conversion by 226%, by just adding a countdown timer.

Bottom line is they work.

You can add countdown timers to your website by paying for an extra service.

But the good news is that deadline counters are included in – nothing extra to pay. Already part of the service.

You’re welcome 😉

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